Vita Da Pizza blends world-class Neapolitan style pizza with modern and local flavors within a high end wood fired food truck experience.

Vita Da Pizza


Through the crazy past few years we have had, we think we can all agree that a pizza lifestyle is the one we want to live. Because when does pizza not make you smile? Vita Da Pizza does exactly that. With a memorable brand based on the craft of true Neapolitan pizza, all within a food truck, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and provides an even more memorable tasting experience that together just makes you feel good, wherever you are, living your your best pizza life.

Vita Da Pizza adds a twist to traditional flavors, introduces new unexpected combinations, and needed a brand that would live up to their evolving crafted creations routed from their parent brick & mortar restaurant, Inizio Pizza Napoletana. Similar to how the thoughtful yet simple ingredients make up these delicious pizzas, the same ingredients make up the new brand – secretly understated, sophisticated and ownable while boasting the blistering heat of their traditional wood-fired method. It portrays a high end product with a #IYKYK approach. The pizza itself and its following says it all. With the help of Mindful & Good in branding, design and strategy, the new food truck has been a great success with sales over two hundred percent growth within the first quarter. Vita Da Pizza can be located out and about around the Charlotte region or booked for private catering and business events.

Brand Strategy

Client: Vita Da Pizza
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin
Designer: Madison Dixon

Diverse & Inclusive Workplace
Saving Food Waste
Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
Sustainable Packaging