An exclusive group within the Piedmont Culinary Guild created to connect individuals and communities to local food: the people who grow it, as well as the chefs and artisans who prepare it.

Piedmont Culinary Guild Tastemakers


Tastemakers is the public membership arm of the Piedmont Culinary Guild (PCG) that helps consumers stay connected with people who share a passion for sustainably grown food, profound taste experiences, and a vibrant local food economy that helps support a local food system.

Mindful & Good was hired as a design partner working with the Piedmont Culinary Guild to develop the Tastemakers brand experience. The new logo and elements illustrate the exclusive and special select group invited to the inner circle of PCG. The pattern tells the story of connecting the food chain and the folks that PCG encompass. The top area of the brand portrays farming and the land in which our food comes from, where the bottom area depicts chefs, artisan purveyors and food industry professionals – the foundations in which the Guild was started on. The center icons portray the public supporters – the Tastemakers. The new Tastemakers membership launched with a limited number of spots that sold out in the first few months. Currently, the membership is vibrant and active with monthly educational food and beverage events that have blossomed advocacy in helping to reform legislation around sustainable agriculture and sustainable food systems.

Brand Strategy

Client: Piedmont Culinary Guild
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin

Connecting Food Systems
Sustainable Print Production
Sustainability Education