With over 21,000 acres and 210 parks and facilities ranging from large to small, you will be amazed at all that Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation has to offer.

Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation


Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation is home to more than 210 parks and facilities located on more than 21,000 acres of parkland throughout Mecklenburg County. Parks in Mecklenburg County come in all shapes and sizes ranging from small neighborhood parks to large district parks.

Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation hired Mindful & Good as a design partner to create an array of infographics, maps, wayfinding signage and design materials including a series of brochures to educate the public and visitors about the many parks and unique facilities in the region. The design components use a clean and modern approach with bright color palettes to highlight the natural landscape, making the materials approachable and inclusive for all of the area’s citizens. The thoughtful design can be seen throughout the park and greenway system and print materials can be downloaded from the Park & Rec website or picked up at facilities and parks throughout the county.

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Brand Strategy

Client: Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin