FoodRoute connects people, institutions and organizations to their food system. In the FoodRoute Map, area partners have aggregated markets, gardens, grocers, institutions, restaurants, and transportation resources across 16 counties in the Charlotte area to connect you to the vitality of our region.



At its best, our food system is a pathway to health and community. It’s how the person next door becomes our neighbor, and how we begin to know and care about the hands that feed us. Food is a lifeline and a life’s work. The way we see it, our food system is the foundation for a better existence. When we dig into the ways that food connects us all, we find new and better ways to be in a relationship––with land, with our resources, and with each other. FoodRoute is our rallying point.

We discovered a need in our local food system––to connect the resources of our vital region in a singular place and make it easy for people to find what they need. With the help of farmers, chefs, food advocates, and area partners, we worked with Rivendell Carolinas to create a brand and map system that connects individuals and organizations to their local food system. Our goal was to make known the vital connections between our community and the food we eat.

The inspiration for the FoodRoute brand is refreshing and friendly with a touch of inspiration and liveliness. It’s clean, minimal and modern but the logomark referencing food and connectivity along with the bright colors and iconography system, keep the brand feeling warm, approachable and inviting. The target audiences are both the general public and private sector so the lettering style and color palette appeals to a broad view while also emphasizing the personality and humanistic values of the brand. Since the name FoodRoute describes our connection and journey with food, the brand facilitate a sense of discovery and ease that inspires people to want to learn more about the food they eat and where it comes from.

Brand Strategy

Client: Rivendell Carolinas
Partners: Piedmont Culinary Guild, Charlotte Mecklenburg Food Policy Council, Center for Environmental Farming Systems, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin
Brand Messaging: Keia Mastrianni

Connecting Food Systems
Sustainable Print Production
Sustainability Education