Nourish creates plant-based, locally sourced, healthy and delicious prepared meals conveniently delivered right to your door.



Founded in 2012, by chef Julia Simon, Nourish was the first delivery service of its kind in Charlotte and has grown to offering an array of seasonal vegan meals for busy, health-oriented North and South Carolinians. Their philosophy guides every choice: from sourcing from local farmers and organic ingredients to their Green Kitchen Initiative and reusable delivery bags. Nourish prepares and delivers delicious, gluten-free, culturally diverse vegan food that will sustain you throughout your day and fuel your life, while supporting our planet and community.

With the expanding competition of national prepared meal kit delivery services, Nourish hired Mindful & Good to assist with a brand refresh to shift the business and use sustainable design to help market and grow Nourish among the regional competition. With the help of a brand strategy, updated logo, bright new look and switching to 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging, Nourish was able to stand out and expand to a larger more sustainable customer-base, be available in more retail locations and deliver a larger array of locally sourced plant-based products.


“Working with Mindful & Good was lovely. We spent a good three months reviewing, in detail, what we’d already done, what we wanted to keep, and what was missing from the visual voice of our brand. In Mindful & Good’s hands, some of the more complex/overwhelming questions about who we are and how we visually represent that were codified into a clean, elegant language of color, new logo and typography that we use every day, even two and a half years later. As part of the website redesign, sales were up 27% for the quarter following our rebrand with Mindful & Good.”
– Chef Julia Simon, Founder, Nourish & Plant Joy

Brand Strategy

Client: Nourish
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin
Photography: Nourish

Diverse & Inclusive Workplace
Locally Sourced Ingredients
Recyclable Packaging
Saving Food Waste
Sustainable Print Production
Woman Owned & Operated