Eight + Sand Kitchen is an artisan bakery and specialty café dedicated to milling heirloom grains in-house daily and using all locally sourced and seasonal ingredients throughout their menu.

Eight + Sand Kitchen


“Eight + Sand”, was born out of an old locomotive term that came to be used to bid a quick, safe journey and well wishes to train crews. Situated on Charlotte’s light rail, they are a place open to welcome, a satisfying punctuation to your day––whether it be a meaningful pause, quick exclamation point or full stop. Their kitchen is well-versed at all times of the day, equipped to serve your present moment.

At their core is a belief in the power of artisan grains. They are the building blocks of Eight + Sand Kitchen’s naturally leavened breads, pastries and sandwiches. Each day, they mill fresh, whole grains in-house, a practice they believe brings healthfulness to the fore of their menu offerings. And their produce, locally-sourced at peak freshness, is their guide to the seasons.

Inspired by Scandinavian cafes and the restaurant’s meticulous craft of milling heirloom grains in-house daily and using all locally sourced ingredients, we created an adaptive branding system with a custom brush logotype and hand drawn illustrations to facilitate a sense of thoughtful attentiveness with graceful urgency. The blue is a nod to the vintage denim train crew uniform. Delicate patterns, hand drawn type and graphic elements adorn the menus, merchandise, packaging and website. All of their print materials were created with 100% post consumer waste and recycled paper.

In addition to Eight + Sand Kitchen sourcing local and working with seasonal ingredients from local farms and purveyors, we have helped them to implement composting of their food waste with the help of our local partner Crown Town Compost.

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“My team has worked with Rachel and Mindful & Good on multiple projects. They have always delivered a great and well thought out product. And, done so in a timely and professional manner. Their creative approach, incorporating a sustainable and socially conscious ethos, has been a great partnership for our business.”
– Grant Arons, Owner, Inizio Pizza, Vita Da Pizza and Eight + Sand Kitchen

Brand Strategy
Web Design & Development

Client: Eight + Sand Kitchen
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin
Brand Messaging: Keia Mastrianni
Photography: Eight + Sand Kitchen

Diverse & Inclusive Workplace
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Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
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