Ready-to-serve, handcrafted food for your dog made with fresh, seasonal produce and sustainably sourced meat from local Carolina farms.

For The Love of Dutch

It all started with a dog named Lucy. Then, Dutch Henry, Daphne and now, Ernie. If they could talk, these healthy and happy Basset Hounds who defied their breed’s life expectancy would be the first to tell you – a wholesome approach to food transformed their health. For the Love of Dutch feeds, nourishes, and nurtures your pet with natural food. Their ready-to-serve, handcrafted, small batch stews are made with fresh, seasonal produce and sustainably sourced meat from local farms.

For the Love of Dutch loves pets – and they love caring for them with socially responsible practices. They honor this commitment by supporting local farmers and sourcing less beautiful, nutrient-rich produce and less talked about organ meat to save food waste. Every choice the company makes is driven to boost your dog’s health, wellness, and vitality which feeds not only their stomachs, but also their sweet souls. It’s what loving our fur children is all about.

The inspiration for the For the Love of Dutch brand is a take on a retro look and feel with the hand drawn illustration of Dutch combined with a script type that you’d find on old-school vintage tins and packaging. Thinking of Dutch as an old soul, the brand portrays his personality along with alludes to the easy going, kindness and friendliness that Basset Hounds exude. Using pops of bright colors to portray the local and fresh ingredients in each of the brand’s products upholds the retro feel but gives it a bit of a modern twist and swagger. We used abstract forms and shapes for patterns throughout to illustrate ugly produce in its purest form. These depict the rich nutrients each ingredient still carries and the hard work the company endeavors to save food waste and reduce its environmental impact.


Brand Strategy
Branding & Logo Design
Web Design & Development

Client: For the Love of Dutch
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin
Brand Messaging: Meg Seitz
Photography: Brian Gomsak Photography

Print Materials:

Neenah Environment 100% Postconsumer Waste (PCW)
FSC® Certified, Green-e Certified, Green Seal™ Certified
Printed in Charlotte, NC USA

BPA free and FDA approved, food grade film, LLDPE – Recyclable No7 flexible packaging
BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) film labels – HDPE Recyclable
Printed in New York City, NY USA

We know that plastics aren’t the best however they had to be used for this packaging to keep the integrity, stability and freshness of the human-grade dog food safe. We sourced BPA free and FDA approved packaging that is 100% recyclable (Recycle No7) with other plastic films and plastic grocery bags. More about recycling plastic films at

We are currently researching and working on compostable packaging that is safe for our clients and their products. Compostables don’t necessarily outshine plastics when it comes to environmental benefits either. Since a lot of our clients are located in the Southeastern United States, there is no commercial curbside pick up for compostables. Which currently, most compostable films, products and packaging have to be composted through a commercial industrial compost facility. We’re working on options for a completely biodegradable home compostable package that we’ll transition to once we’re 100% sure it’s the right solution for our clients along with keeps the same high quality and integrity of the contents its holding.