The Classic Collection by Pure Intentions Coffee now available in Whole Foods Market, Harris Teeter and Walmart

The Classic Collection by Pure Intentions Coffee


Pure Intentions Coffee, Charlotte’s first Fair Trade & USDA Organic Certified coffee roaster, provides fresh roasted specialty coffee built on a foundation of innovation, passion and exemplary customer service. They offer varieties from each coffee-producing region in the world, farmed with a focus on environmental sustainability. Pure Intentions Coffee contributes to the local community’s cultural and craft revolution through collaboration, quality growth and education.

With the success of Pure Intentions Coffee’s new brand positioning and packaging that Mindful & Good helped with for their original curated Pure Collection, the company wanted to provide a new line of products geared toward the daily coffee drinker that was offered at a reasonable and competitive price point. Their new Classic Collection is just that. Five blends are offered year-round to provide the quality that their brand represents with the consistency required by consumers. The Classic Collection branding is clean and approachable, but shows off a more contemporary twist that catches the eye and differentiates Pure Intentions Coffee products from other offerings at the same quality and price level. The bags show brewing guidelines and information about the company’s approach to coffee sourcing to let the consumer get to know them without unnecessary or intimidating information. With the new Classic Collection packaging and help from Mindful & Good, Pure Intentions Coffee was able to expand its Classic Collection products nationwide into Harris Teeter and Walmart with continued growth year after year.

“In a highly competitive field, our branding and quality are what set us apart to the consumer. Mindful & Good was able to create a brand image and packaging that caught the eye of major retailers we were courting, allowing us the opportunity for additional sales and relationship development simply due to the design of our brand. The overall brand concept Mindful & Good created also allowed ultimate flexibility when we decided to branch into other non-traditional sectors of the market and invest in new products that had the same beautiful design and approachability of our core products.”
– Matt Yarmey, Founder & Director of Coffee, Pure Intentions Coffee

Brand Strategy

Client: Pure Intentions Coffee
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin

Fair Trade & Organic
Locally Owned & Operated
Recyclable Packaging
Sustainably Sourced Ingredients