A traditional vinegar-based beverage made with ingredients grown and foraged in the foothills of North Carolina.

Old North Shrub


Old North Shrub is a small batch line of artisanal and seasonal botanical drinking vinegars made from ingredients farmed and foraged from the Piedmont region of North Carolina, by chef turned farmer, Jamie Swofford.

Mindful & Good helped design a brand and sustainable packaging line for Old North Shrub to be sold exclusively at high end cocktail bars, craft breweries, local bottle shops and specialty retailers across the U.S. By creating a bold stated logo tied in with custom hand drawn illustrations of the local and seasonal ingredients found in each bottle, the Old North Shrub brand emulates a farmed and foraged vintage-feel reflecting that of a bygone era of the Old North State and the colonial-day drink. The handmade shrub and packaging (made from recycled glass bottles and 100% recycled, FSC and Green Seal certified labels with a gift box printed using algae ink) has been quite a success. Old North Shrub has seen steady growth each year, mentioned in several print publications, is often used by award-winning mixologists and chefs and won several awards including the Good Food Foundation, Our State Magazine, Made In NC and Southern Living Magazine. Visit oldnorthshrub.com

Mindful & Good helped Old North Shrub with a sustainability strategy, branding and design and using algae-based inks for their printing and packaging which ultimately lowered their overall environmental footprint and waste. Through our branding services and brand strategy, we helped the client integrate better sustainability focused practices within their business operations, supply chains and sourcing.

Brand Strategy

Client: Old North Shrub
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin
Messaging: Keia Mastrianni
Photography: Shrimp & Grisettes

Family Owned & Operated
Locally Grown & Sourced Ingredients
Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable Print Production Using Algae Ink