A celebration of authentic Mexican food, starting with freshly pressed heirloom corn tortillas made with ingredients sourced from small family run Mexican farms.

Maíz Agua Sal Tortilleria & Agave Bar


Long time food & beverage veterans, Alyson and Dan Davis (known for Craft Growler Shop and Lincoln Street Kitchen & Cocktails) wanted to create a new concept focusing on the celebration of authentic Mexican food in an approachable, fun, friendly and light-hearted fine casual setting. They started this project after being inspired by frequent trips to Mexico, chef Enrique Olvera of Pujol, and meeting farmers whose families have been cultivating traditional maize for centuries. It was there that they experienced their first truly perfect tortilla only later to replicate it in the U.S. using the same time-honored techniques and sourcing heirloom corn varieties from family run small Mexican farms.

The name “Maíz Agua Sal” means “Corn Water Salt” which are the simple and natural ingredients used to make fresh handmade corn tortillas. Inspired by the Otomi people of central Mexico, the Maíz Agua Sal logo captures the essence of an Otomi embroidery pattern using icons and elements that portray the heirloom corn and chef driven ingredients that the new tortilleria and agave bar offer. A nod to Mexican culture and its roots with a modern day twist that feels light, fresh and fun to reflect the restaurant’s experience and vibe. A curious and happy way of living. The new brand comes to life through an array of mediums including the logo, print materials, food service packaging and environmental design for the new space.

Brand Strategy

Client: Maíz Agua Sal Tortilleria & Agave Bar
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin
Brand Messaging: Meg Seitz

Adaptive Reuse Space
Diverse & Inclusive Workplace
Saving Food Waste
Sustainable Packaging
Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
Woman Owned & Operated