Leading North American food & beverage companies to the world’s top trade exhibitions.

IMEX Management


IMEX Management has been representing leading international trade shows since 1987. Whether you’re a North American company interested in exploring prospects overseas or a foreign trade show organizer looking to expand your North American participation, IMEX Management can help you get there.

Mindful & Good works with IMEX Management each year to create their bi-annual series of food & beverage trade show event materials. From print to interactive, Mindful & Good works with the team to develop a cohesive look that harmonizes the essence of each of the shows while still upholding the IMEX Management brand. Through this design process and since the inception of their partnership, Mindful & Good has helped IMEX increase sales and gain exposure for the North American food & beverage companies they represent to the rest of the world.

Brand Strategy

Client: IMEX Management
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin

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