Hand crafted, fair-trade, functional and nutrient-rich spirulina superfood chocolate

Belovd Food


Belovd Food is a wellness lifestyle brand. It’s for women who believe in functional foods for their overall joy, health and well-being. To feel good all over and deep into their soul. And to know they are worth being loved. Be Happy. Be Healthy. Belovd.

Mindful & Good helped create a comprehensive branding and packaging system that portrayed the delicious premium spirulina based foods that Belovd handcrafts. The approach is warm and friendly including a mandala that reflects a sense of nature as well as the pure ingredients of cocoa pods spiraling together portraying the superfood spirulina found in each product. The combination of the refined logotype depicts the high end quality and is consciously juxtaposed with the scripted tagline. The word itself “mandala” means “circle” in Sanskrit which represents the circle of life in humans and their connection to nature that is at the company’s core. The minimalistic approach and blue color is a nod to the earth, water and nature along with the key ingredient of spirulina. The packaging for the company’s first product – Cocoalina Superbars – includes the clean custom logotype married with abstract, playful, artistic shapes, illustrations and patterns that elevate spirulina and showcase what flavor each is by their visual components and textures.

Brand Strategy

Client: Belovd Food
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin

Compostable Packaging
Fair Trade & Organic
Sustainably Farmed Ingredients
Woman Owned & Operated