Using school gardening as a living and learning landscape to teach stewardship, sustainability, healthy food systems, community and responsibility to children from all walks of life.

Shamrock Gardens


What started as a butterfly garden in 2008 has grown to provide a learning lab for students of Shamrock Gardens Elementary School and a home for caterpillars, butterflies, birds and countless other creatures.

Shamrock Gardens hired Mindful & Good as a design partner in helping to create a unique brand and signage system for the garden program that would educate the students and visitors who walked the grounds. The new brand ties in the unique school, culture and program with the garden itself. The full circle of the brand portrays the life skills being taught by the school through stewardship, sustainability, healthy food systems, community and responsibility. The heart shaped shamrocks cradling the logo on the left and right imply love and warmth reflecting the environment and culture of the school and the rays of sunshine portray hope and light for the future.

Brand Strategy

Client: Shamrock Gardens Elementary School
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin
Messaging & Photography: Pamela Grundy

Connecting Food Systems
Design for Circularity
Sustainability Education
Targeting Climate Change