July 22, 2021 mindfulandgood

Our Design Process

Our design process at Mindful & Good is a meticulously crafted journey that transforms ideas into tangible, captivating realities. With a strong focus on sustainable design with comprehensive branding, packaging, print and digital, we take you through a five-phase process that begins by defining the problem and culminates in a remarkable launch and ongoing support. We understand that every project is a unique opportunity to tell a compelling story and create a lasting impact. We’ll break down the steps that guide our creative process, ensuring that each design element not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations.


1. Define the Problem

At Mindful & Good, we start by closely collaborating with our clients to clearly understand and define the problem they aim to solve. For each project, whether it’s creating a brand from scratch or revitalizing an existing one, we define the core challenges and opportunities. It involves identifying the project goals, constraints, target audience and desired outcomes. The team gathers requirements and sets specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) objectives to guide the design process effectively.


2. Research & Discovery

During this phase, the design team conducts thorough research to gain insights into the problem and the preferences, behaviors and needs of the target audience. This includes market analysis, competitor research, user interviews, surveys and data analysis. The goal is to gather relevant information that will inform the design decisions and ensure the final product is well-aligned with user expectations and market demands.


3. Design & Develop

Based on the insights gained during the research phase, the design team begins to ideate and conceptualize potential solutions. This stage involves brainstorming, drawing, sketching, designing and creating prototypes to visualize and iterate on different design ideas. The team considers visual elements, functionality, user experience, interaction design and overall aesthetics to craft a comprehensive design that meets the project goals and user needs. Throughout this phase, collaboration is key. Our multidisciplinary team of writers, designers, developers and brand strategists work closely to ensure the design concepts are not only creative but also feasible and aligned with the client’s goals.


4. Execute & Launch

As the design concepts crystallize, we proceed to the execution phase. Branding is applied consistently across all touchpoints, from business cards to social media profiles. Packaging designs are finalized and produced using selected sustainable packaging materials. Print materials are prepared for distribution, maintaining a cohesive message. Environmental design plans are translated into physical spaces, considering elements like lighting, signage and user flow. Web designs are transformed into functional, responsive websites.

The launch is a culmination of careful planning. Branding is introduced to the market, packaging hits the shelves, print materials are distributed, physical spaces come to life and the website and social goes live. The coordinated launch ensures a unified and impactful introduction to the audience.


5. Ongoing Brand Support

We believe that building a brand is an ongoing journey, not a destination. Through ongoing brand support, we scale your brand to surpass goals and embrace new opportunities. Whether it’s refining your packaging, developing new campaigns, adapting to market changes, or exploring new avenues for growth, our team is dedicated to supporting your brand’s evolution every step of the way.


By following this comprehensive design process, Mindful & Good is your trusted partner who crafts cohesive and impactful branding experiences that resonate with audiences across various channels. Our dedication to each step ensures that your brand stands out, communicates effectively and makes a lasting impression.

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