June 1, 2020 mindfulandgood

Stand Together To Demand Change

Enough is enough. While there is no perfect action right now, we know any action is better than no action. Educating ourselves on the reality of racism, challenging people in power, attending peaceful protests, donating to causes fighting injustice, raising up the voices of people of color, loving each other – these are all actions that make a difference.

We know it can be overwhelming to know where to begin, so here are some resources that we found helpful. Join us to take action to better understand ourselves, love our neighbors and stand together to demand change.

Change Policy
Want to advocate for policy change in your city? Campaign Zero launched #8CantWait: 8 policies that, when combined, have the power to reduce police violence that results in death in our major cities by up to 72%. They don’t need Congress, or an executive order. Mayors and police chiefs can implement them immediately. We just have to ask them to.
Step 1: Go to 8cantwait.org and search for your city. The website will show you which of the 8 policies, if any, your city has implemented, along with contact info for your mayor.
Step 2: Call or email your major asking them to ensure that all 8 policies are implemented in your community.

If you can, please donate with us to:
Black Lives Matter