Our Mindful & Good Manifesto

We work with good people who do good in the world. We design sustainable brands that matter and wanted our own mission to reflect our deep rooted thought process. So we crafted our manifesto to do just that. It reflects our passion and purpose, our philosophy and way of thinking. The ones who get it are the folks we partner long term with to innovatively solve problems and make positive change.

Our Manifesto

The world needs more good. Design with purpose. Be a force for good. Practice gratitude. Start a real and rich conversation. Get clear on how you define mindfulness. Practice a morning meditation. Bring thoughtfulness into your work. Create a better world. Live a life of purpose. Let that pedestrian cross the street. (We promise you won’t be late.) Use the word ‘design’ as a noun and a verb. Move the plants to a sunny spot in the house. Reduce the climate impact of your work. Be here now. Walk in faith. Evolve. Drive positive change. Bring your own container. Listen to your intuition. Focus on sustainability. Find crisp, clean fresh air. See the glimmer in everything. Respect the bike lane. Speak your new favorite four letter word – hope. Believe in Mother Earth. Invest time each year in causes and initiatives that light up your soul. Run outside. Let it go. Ask yourself – can I reuse or recycle this? Know that mindfulness is personal. Walk there. Grow herbs on your kitchen window sill. Make someone’s life a little easier today. Unplug. Read the label. Look at the world with bright eyes and genuine spirit. Ask yourself – do I really need to purchase this? Purpose and passion work together. (They actually ignite each other.) Open the window, and take a big, deep breath in. Gift yourself a digital detox. Travel off the grid. Find your middle path between minimal and modern. Seek innovative practices in mind, body and spirit. Eat local. Seek magic. Do good. We’re all in this together.
We are Mindful & Good.
Sustainable Design That Ignites Positive Change.