July 25, 2023 mindfulandgood

Why Us?

In a world of countless design agencies, choosing the right partner is paramount, and that’s where we stand apart. After working with high level agencies across the U.S. on some of the biggest brands, we’ve taken what we’ve learned and crafted an experience for our clients that is committed to mindfulness, sustainability and excellence in design. We’re not just about winning awards (although those are nice too) we’re about problem solving, elevating your brand to resonate deeply with your audience, your values and positioning you to be the absolute best. We’re about creating a better world together through design.


What Sets Us Apart

– As a Certified B Corp, we provide our clients the assurance of partnering with an agency dedicated to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. By collaborating with us, clients align with our shared values, knowing their design projects contribute to positive social and environmental impact. They gain access to a global network of purpose-driven businesses, benefiting from collaborative opportunities, valuable resources and innovative ideas.

– With over 23 years of experience, we’re experts and leaders in the field of sustainable design and packaging with a proven track record of success with our clients. We hand-select our clients, taking on work that makes us feel good, because the people and brands behind them are doing good.

– With our strategic approach, we offer our clients a clear process and design direction right from the start of the project. From the brand discovery and research phase, through design and launch, we maintain regular communication and collaboration every step of the way. We do what we say, just as simple as that.

– We are small, but our impact is big. We aren’t a vendor, we’re your trusted design partner who is with you for the long haul. No big overheads, layers of account managers or inflated timelines to make room for other client projects. With Mindful & Good, you work directly with our experienced founder who collaborates with you every step of the way working obsessively to get you to the next level.

– At Mindful & Good, our name encapsulates our passion, purpose and beliefs, reflecting our commitment to consider both people and the planet. Through mindful design, we drive positive change. Combining this ethos with our expertise in high-level, IDEO-Certified design thinking, we craft impactful solutions that not only elevate brand awareness but also deliver substantial value, ultimately boosting your business.